Xiaosheng Huang, Managing Partner

Xiaosheng, the founder and managing partner of Law Huang, hails from the Funiu Mountains at NanzhaoCounty of Henan, China. His academic credentials include a science degree in Geography from East China Normal University in Shanghai; law degrees from Foreign Affairs College in Beijing and the University of Notre Dame Law School in Notre Dame, Indiana. He also studied at a Ph.D. program at Fudan University in Shanghai.

Attorney Huang has successfully represented a diverse range of over 2,000 American, Chinese, and international clients since 2002. He is a member of Bars of the State of New York, the U.S. District Court Southern District of New York, the U.S. District Court of Western District of New York, the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, U.S. Immigration Court, U.S. Court of International Trade, U.S. Courts of Appeals for the DC, 2nd and 9th Circuit, and the U.S. Supreme Court. He is a member of American Trial Lawyers Association and American Immigration Lawyers Association. His practice areas cover federal criminal defense, removal defense, human rights, and Sino-U.S. investment and trade.

At age of 21, Xiaosheng was an elected People’s Representative of Putuo District in Shanghai, China. He also served as Chairman of the Chinese Association of Las Vegas from 2004 to 2008, and at present as its Honorary Chairman.

Attorney Huang is an aggressive litigator in federal courts nationwide and is the lead counsel in many notable cases including Y. v. Lynch (New Jersey), X. v. Kerry (DC), L. v. USA (Washington) and L. v. Blinken (DC).

Attorney Huang is an aggressive litigator in federal courts nationwide and is the lead counsel in many notable cases including Y. v. Lynch (New Jersey), X. v. Kerry (DC), L. v. USA (Washington) and L. v. Blinken (DC).

Xiaosheng's after hours passion is creative writing. He is the author of the best seller "Suing the USA" published in Beijing and Taipei in 2006. He also spent 12 years writing a novel "Two Countries, One System" published in Chinese in 2021. The English version will be released in 2022.

Here is the link to its Chinese version:


笑生出自中国河南省南召县的伏牛山里,是本律师行的创始合伙人。他的学业历程有:上海华东师范大学地理系理学士,外交学院国际法硕士和印第安纳州圣母 大学法学院的法律硕士。他也曾研读过上海复旦大学的博士学位(肄业)。

自2002年取得纽约州执照以来,黄律师成功地代表过美国、中国以及其他国家 的2,000多个人和公司客户。他是纽约州律师协会会员,也是美国上庭律师协会 和美国移民律师协会会员。他具有在纽约各级法院、联邦地区法院纽约南区法院 和西区法院、华盛顿特区法院、联邦移民法院、美国国际贸易法院、联邦华盛顿特区、第二和第九巡回法院、美国联邦最高法院的执业资格。他的执业范围涵盖联邦刑事辩护、 驱逐出境辩护、人权、移民、中美投资和贸易等。

从1990年到1993年,笑生曾当选为中国上海市普陀区人民代表大会代表。从2004年 到2008年,他担任拉斯维加斯华人协会的会长,现在是该协会的名誉会长。

黄律师在全美的联邦地区法院多次起诉美国政府和在职官员,著名的诉讼有Y诉林奇案(新泽西)、X诉克里案(华盛顿特区)、L诉美国案(华盛顿特区) 和L等40个家庭诉布林肯案。

黄律师在全美的联邦地区法院多次起诉美国政府和在职官员,著名的诉讼有Y诉林奇案(新泽西)、X诉克里案(华盛顿特区)、L诉美国案(华盛顿特区) 和L等40个家庭诉布林肯案。

笑生业余时间喜欢写作。他曾写就一本法律畅销书《状告美国》,于2006年11月在北京和台北分别以简繁体字出版。 他用12年时间创作小说《扇摇两石》,在2020年出版声像版,在2022年年底出版其英文版。


William J. Marvin, Esq.

Bill Marvin received a Regents Scholarship from the State of New York and attended SUNY Cortland, graduating in 1973 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Political Science. Subsequently, Bill was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Marine Corps. His early assignments included service as an infantry officer in a deployed Battalion Landing Team during the American withdrawal from Southeast Asia and as a staff officer at Headquarters U.S. Marine Corps administering the Marine Corps reenlistment program. As one of several officers selected to attend law school while remaining on active duty, Bill graduated from California Western School of Law in San Diego in 1981 with a Juris Doctorate and was admitted to the Ohio Bar.

Following a series of legal and operational assignments of increasing responsibility and complexity, including service as Staff Judge Advocate to the Commanding General of the 1st Marine Division, Bill resigned his commission in 1989 and became a Trial Attorney for the U.S. Department of Justice, specializing in immigration issues. In 1990, Bill organized and became president of a startup company that pioneered the delivery of investigative and litigation support to a vast sector of American business. During the 1990’s Bill was Chairman of San Diego County’s Republican Party (1997-99), Treasurer for California State Assemblyman and later Senator Bill Morrow, a member of the California Commission on Criminal Justice, and a senior advisor to the Mexican Congress. Bill also was New York Governor George Pataki’s personal representative to the Mexican government. As an international legal consultant during this period, Bill represented and advised many large international companies including Cubic Corporation and Skanska. Bill retired from the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve in 1997, with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

In 2002, acting as General Counsel and specializing in international business development, Bill helped his wife form Salazar Communications; today, Salazar is the leading provider of specialized marketing and public relations services in Las Vegas, Nevada, the fastest growing region in the U.S. Please see www.salacomm.com.

Bill is a member of the New York Bar, and is admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court and all of the federal immigration and military courts.

威廉姆•J•马文律师,合伙人,早年曾在美国海军陆战队总部和东南亚地区的部队服役,先后毕业于纽 约州立大学和加州西部法学院,为俄亥俄州、纽约州和美国军事法庭的注册律师。

马文律师曾担任美国海军陆战队第一师律师、美国司法部政府律师、共和党圣地亚哥党部 主席和纽约州州长帕塔基驻墨西哥的私人代表。


Donovan J. Dunnion, Esq. , Of-Counsel

Donovan J. Dunnion, Esq. is a highly effective criminal defense attorney who specializes in complex cases involving high profile defendants. Don is a distinguished graduate of the University of San Diego Law School and a long-standing member of the California Bar.

Don’s tenacity and vast experience as both a federal prosecutor and defense attorney enables him to provide comprehensive legal advice and representation throughout every stage of the legal process. Don is an expert in all aspects of criminal law including narcotics, money laundering, smuggling, conspiracy and bribery. As a commissioned officer in the United States Naval Reserve, Don served on active duty with Naval Special Boat Squadron One, Naval Special Warfare Command, and with other Commands in the capacity of Intelligence Officer. .


Anthony M. Wright

Anthony M. Wright, founder of The Wright Law Offices, PC, is a Native Las Vegan. He graduated at the top of his class from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a degree in Business before attending law school. He graduated from William S. Boyd School of Law in 2004. With twenty years of education behind him, he puts it to use helping clients through some of the most difficult times in their lives, including with family disputes and personal injuries from accidents.

Anthony spends most of his time on family matters, but does work on the occasional criminal case, including traffic tickets. However, he can be reached to discuss any legal matter do ascertain whether he can help or whether another attorney would be better suited. Anthony has worked on business licensing, land use, and contracts matters and also knows lawyers who are experts in these fields.